Frequently Asked Questions


What is the typical adoption fee?

Fees vary by the horse's capability to do work. Horses that have limitations are slightly cheaper. We're more than willing to discuss any horse's limitations with you! Fees vary between $600.00 USD and $2000.00 USD.  

Can I come visit the ranch?

Yes! We love when people come to meet the horses and see what we're about! Visit the contact tab to set up a date!

Why do I need to fill out an application?

We want to ensure that our horses end up in the best possible homes! Don't let the application process hinder you from applying. It's simply an extra step to assist in matching you with your next partner! 

Thoroughbreds are mainly English horses, I only ride Western. Can I find a Thoroughbred for me?

Of course! Thoroughbreds can excel in any discipline with the right training. While it's true that Thoroughbreds are becoming more valuable as sport horses and jumpers, there are many that are at the top of the sport in rodeo, reining, ranch work, and more! 

Are the horses broke to ride when they come off the track?

Thoroughbreds coming off the track are "track broke." They have been saddle broke, know how to walk, trot, canter, and gallop, do flying changes, and halt. Additionally, they are taught to pick up all four hooves for cleaning and stand tied. Most horses have no trouble transitioning between the track and regular riding. 

What if I bring a horse home and we just don't get along?

BSCTA offers a 30 day return policy. Please contact us with further questions about this topic. 

I'm a beginner rider. Would a Thoroughbred be a good horse for me?

Yes! There are many Thoroughbreds that are perfect for beginner riders. Contact us for more information about horses that might be right for you!